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Don Suttajit


About Me

I’m a Houston-based senior creative with a passion for brand strategy and design. Over the last 12+ years, I have worked as a freelancer, an in-house designer, and with an award-winning agency. My portfolio includes creative works and branding for companies ranging from large corporations to small businesses—even startups. These works vary in formats from print, to websites, logos, social media, and beyond. As a naturally curious person and creative thinker, I am always looking for new ways to innovate and design for impact. My professional journey has led me to new and exciting opportunities, like teaching Visual Communications at the University of Houston and speaking at a public event for AIGA. Most of my passion projects are geared toward donating my creative time and energy to nonprofit organizations that aim to make the world a better place. I also enjoy competing in local design contests (I’ve even won a few!).

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